We are

Johan Aardal
Manager & Founder
Norwegian molecular biologist turned skincare aficionado. Had a brief stint trying to trick his own white blood cells into killing cancer and dabbled with mitochondrial gene therapy in Paris before landing a gig that brought him to the States. His long term goal is nothing less than helping to cure the diseases of aging.
Dr. Fiona Plows
Cosmetics Expert & Founder
Fiona is our test rabbit - her superpower is having British skin, so she has, through necessity, developed a talent for formulating gentle, non-irritating lotions. She's now settled down in California and completed a post-doc at Stanford. In her free time, she enjoys working long hours to support her cat's lavish lifestyle.
Dr. Nick Conley
Chemist Extraordinaire & Founder
Nick is a hardcore chemist seemingly able to invent anything; if anyone could find a way to glue Teflon together, it would be him. Together with Fiona, he spent two years perfecting the recipe of our lotions - saying he's a perfectionist is an understatement. Keeps in shape by torturing himself on his road bike.