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Create Cosmetics was born in 2012 from my decade-long fight against my own acne problem. I had tried everything from Accutane to antibiotics, but most treatments did not work, and the ones that did had severe side effects. In 2008 Istumbled across an oil-based anti-acne cream developed by an American electrochemist, originally to cure his own kids' acne. It was far from perfect, but more effective than any other treatment I'd tried. One year later he sold his formula, but by then I was certain I could make an even-better product, and teamed up with my chemist co-founders. We've now developed anti-acne lotions, of which I use BPT3 daily. When we looked at the feedback from our early testers, we realized that user feedback could be harnessed to create new or improve existing products. We're capitalizing on this discovery by incorporating the new features and ingredients requested by you to bring to market the first truly crowdsourced skincare products. 

I hope you're excited to try our products, help decide what changes to make to them and even back future treatments.

Best regards,

Johan Aardal, Founder